Fetish Fashion for Curvy Kinksters: Corsets, Corsets, Corsets

The first recorded corset originated from Crete in Greece and was worn by the Minoan people.

Images on ancient pottery show both women and men sporting form fitting belts and vests with leather rings or straps that constrict and shape the waist.

Many centuries later, the 1500’s, French aristocrat Catherine de Medici made an influential mark in fashion by banning ‘thick waists’ at court. Wealthy women of the time began wearing corsets in public and a fashion trend was born where instead of shaping clothes to the body, the body began to conform to fashion.

In the centuries since, the corset has evolved but it’s purpose has stayed the same – accentuate the body and present the ever-alluring “S” shape.

There is no doubt a corset is seductive and alluring.

It is a power player in the kinkster wardrobe and almost always takes center stage even when part of an ensemble or overall “look.”

It used to be much more of a specialty purchase. You had to know a corset maker and invest time into the fittings. And, that was usually not so available to the ‘thicker’ folks like me way back-back-in-the-day. If my memory serves me correctly, we had to travel to NYC for a corset when I was youngster kinkster b/c it was custom piece.

Oh how the times have changed.

Fortunately, we are seeing more and more fetish fashion options AND corsets for curvy & plus sized folks. It really makes me happy for the younger kinksters, who now have so many options at their fingertips to express themselves through kink, and corset, fashion.

Here’s a hand picked, varied collection of plus size corsets that I had a lot of FUN searching out and finding for you all. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do. If you purchase any of ’em, I’d LOVE to see a pic of you in it! If you post it on socials, PLEASE tag me!



It’s simple, clean & lean in it’s structure design, but the paint splatter gives is just the right amount of pizzazz and FUN!

Plus, it’s got spandex to form fit and just the right amount of give.

Check it out HERE



Moulin Rouge. Can-Can Girl. Old Timey Saloon Gal. Witchy. Burlesque. Victorian like. Pin-up.

So versatile. So playful.

Plus, Lace & RUFFLES!

Check it out HERE



Sometimes, all you really need is a corset style bustier for just the right amount of pop or accent.

This one is different from most of the solid, single color buster’s we always see.

I love the see-through fishnet because it can be FIRE over nude skin!

Plus, the rainbow coloring…Great for Pride events too!

Check it out HERE



First of all, I’ve got a lot of ‘rugged’ inside me, so this type of Mad Max (look it up, it’s an oldster reference) warrior-look tickles me.

Second, sometimes, I just LOVE having different textures and accessories. This has brocade, leather, belts, pouch, a belted high collar, O-rings, etc.

I dig the hardware.

For me, these added things sometimes distract the eye from stuff about my body I don’t like. I know you know!

PLUS, it’s cosplay-like, and just plain FUN.

Check it out HERE



I like the belts.

But, what I like more is the zip-up. It’s easy to deal with getting in an out of, and that’s tops for me.

I also like how it directs the eye towards the core of the body. This has always served me well when I wished to emphasize things about my body I liked, and distracted the eye from things I didn’t care for so much at the moment.

I also love that the decorative belting gives is just enough *extra* while delivering a badass simplicity.

Check it out HERE



It’s sexy AF!

Anytime there’s see-through and skin is the understory, it’s se-duc-tion!

Couple that with the leather and it screams Kinkster du Badass.

Check it out HERE



Brocade always has an air of sophistication to it. I guess because we associate it with Victorian-ish royalty.

I REALLY like the message this corset sends. It’s not always about dominance.

Corsets are pretty.

I’d feel pretty in this.

Check it out HERE



For me personally, it harkens back to my youth when Madonna would wear something exactly like this in the 80’s.

Modern day, I love the alternating texture between the fishnet & leather. Plus, the D-rings are a kinkster staple.

This type of cincher is an eye distracter and I’m all for working the clothing to direct the eye where we want.

Check it out HERE



Can you get any more babydoll?

Satin, and lace, and ribbons, OH MY!

For when you want to express your softer side.

Check it out HERE



A shiny bustier / corset is a kinkster staple.

I often see black ones, that’s why I wanted to feature the red here.

I like how complimentary red is to most folks and it packs a punch of sexiness while also dancing with some of the fetishes out there;)

Check it out HERE






From kinksters who dig color, this is just full of whimsy and playfulness.

Check it out HERE




This bustier is just the right amount of showgirl.

I love a departure from the normal ‘ol black corset, especially one that adds texture and GLAM to an ensemble.

Check it out HERE



We’ve seen a wonderful cross-over and blend between the Renaissance, cosplay & kink community and it’s been such a joyful and interesting thing to witness for an old kinkster like me!

If you’re going for olde timey wench, or just dig this style, this corset garter is for you!

Check it out HERE



I mean, I’m all down for being a Ho Ho Ho Heaux.

How can you not be the hit of the kinkster holiday party in this?

Instead of sitting on Santa’s lap, put the naughty-list folks across your lap for a good ‘ol spanking.

Check it out HERE

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#Prince of Pegging

About 3 weeks ago or so, for 6-ish consecutive days, #Mistress was trending on Twitter with #pegging bringing up the rear (yes, the bad pun was intended).


Then again on Monday 8/22.

Except this time, I was trending WITH the hashtag!

Me! Moi! This old ho!

Second only to the Queen of Darkness, Elvira. I was so dumfounded, but honored just the same. Trending, with #Mistress. Holy shitballs!

So, what could possibly cause such a kerfuffle?

What could possibly start, and keep, #Mistress trending for days and DAYS? And then resurface to trend again?

Logic would tell you it’s likely because of someone like me – a kinkster, a FemDomme, Dominatrix, Mistress, etc.

Or, that somehow mainstream society was getting a giggle at #AnalAugust.

Nopety Nope!

Hold on to your tiara’s, folks.

The kerfuffle is regarding Prince William!

Yes, the Prince – and his fondness for pegging with his mistress. His mistress-mistress, not Dominatrix-Mistress. The future Kink, er King, of England has a penchant for pegging! No surprise there. Men in positions of power often CRAVE being in complete & utter submission – to shut off and let someone else call the shots. Not a surprise to me one, single, bit.

I say kudos to him. Rock on. Let the good times roll!

So, here’s the thing…pegging has always been popular. But, vanilla folks and mainstream overall have just begun to talk about pegging more openly in recent years. Us kinksters have been talking butt-stuff for as far back as I can remember, and I’m kinda old.

With this new-found royal notoriety, dudes are going to be asking for pegging, a lot, trust me on this.

So, I put together a few quick thoughts on some of the basics of safe pegging and anal play overall. Besides, #AnalAugust is almost over. I mean, what kind of kinkster would I be if I didn’t join the booty party?

But first, a great ‘thank you’ to HRH for trending #Mistress & #PrinceOfPegging and getting a collective conversation started.

I’ll take it from here ol’ boy.


At minimum:

1)be sure you’ve had a bowel movement that day

2)do a THOROUGH cleaning (lookin’ at YOU cis dudes who are beggin’ for peggin’).

This involves a very thorough wash of the anal area with soap and warm water about an hour prior. Then, before the big show, use unscented, hypoallergenic baby wipes. For most people, this method of cleaning is enough.

For those seeking a deeper clean, enema 1-2 hours before anal play. Be sure to only use a couple cups of WARM water because you’re only rinsing out the last 6-8 inches of the rectum. NOTE: If you use too much water, you can stimulate your digestive system and make things messier.

Check the water against your wrist. Too cold and you’ll cramp. Too hot and you’ll irritate the tissues.


An easy way to help keep things clean is to put a ‘chuck'(disposable absorbent pad) down before you get started. The term ‘chuck’ comes from the medical field. They’re thin, easy to work with when moving patients and easy for clean-up because you just ‘chuck’ ’em in the trash.

I advise everyone who’s engaging in anal play to use them. It’ll stop your bedsheets from being stained and help collect any lube, body fluids, and fecal matter.

You don’t need to pay for the medical grade ‘chucks’ when puppy pee pads do the same job at a fraction of the price. I found the perfect size here.


I strongly urge using gloves for anal foreplay and prostate massage. It’s an efficient way to keep anal play clean for everyone. In addition, they’re smooth and protect the delicate tissue from any small rough spots on the fingers, nails and hands. Because of their smooth surface, they’re perfect for anal opening massage which stimulates erotic nerve endings and prepares the body for larger penetration.

Although you can easily get a box of gloves at Walmart or CVS, the blue and white gloves look more medical and sterile. Blah! Not sexy whatsoever – unless you’re specifically doing medical play.

I have a solution for that.

Black Tattoo artists gloves.

They’re thinner (4ml) and come in black, which is WAY hotter. These nitrile gloves work great, and you can use oil-based lubricants with them. There are various sizes to choose from to accommodate all hand sizes. Be sure that the glove is snug and smooth. If it’s too loose, or loose enough to have wrinkles, discard. Folds in the glove will irritate the anus.


While you have the gloves on, let’s direct you to the P-Spot.

The prostate.

It is a small gland about the size of a walnut inside the anal canal. It’s part of the (male assigned at birth) reproductive system and is surrounded by nerve endings that, when massaged, can intensely amplify an orgasm.

The P-spot can be found 2-4 inches inside the anal canal. You’ll know you’ve found it when you feel the raised, walnut-sized gland. Using your index finger (or 2 fingers for experienced players) and do a “come hither” motion to rub the prostate. Start off gentle and then slowly apply more pressure as determined by your partners response. Due to so many nerve ending surrounding the P-spot, you simply need to gently rub in order to elicit all the good feels.

Prostate orgasms are thought to be more intense than just penile orgasms. Penile orgasms are associated with 4-8 pelvic contractions, while prostatic massage orgasms are associated with 12!


Is this is your first time with anal play and not ready for any penetration?

You can get tremendous pleasure without actual penetration.

Anal foreplay is a great way to introduce yourself to stimulation and pleasure in this newly explored area. There are TONS of nerve endings around the anus that feel AMAZING with gentle stimulation like licking or massaging.

When you’re ready to proceed, remember to relax. If you’re tense, your sphincter will be as well. And, what should normally be incredibly pleasurable, will likely be painful. (Which it’s NOT supposed to be).

You can also try deep breathing with your partner to relax. That helps, a lot.

lube. Lube. LUBE. The anus does not self-lubricate. I recommend silicone-based lube for anal play because it’s smoother and lasts longer than water-based lube.

Newbie players should avoid numbing lubes. It’s important that you feel everything, good and bad, in order to have a successful, pleasurable and safe experience.

Tip: Have the receiver guide the penetration.

A great way to begin is with the tongue or fingers then introducing a small butt plug.

From there, build up to bigger butt plugs (purchase a butt plug kit ahead of time) and then try toys or penis.

Anal sex shouldn’t hurt.

Especially if you take your time.

The sensation might feel a bit foreign but pain is NOT supposed to be part of it. You should basically just feel like you might need to poop, coupled with pleasure. It’s goooooooood.

Go slow. Relax. Use plenty of lube and foreplay.

You’ll be well on your way to an incredibly pleasurable experience with your partner in no time!


So, it got a little messy. Don’t get freaked out.

Sure, it can be a bump in the road but it doesn’t have to be an all out calamity. The more calm and go-with-the-flow you are, the more your partner will feel same.

Stay calm, stay present and keep a positive mindset. Remember that even when you go into anal play well-prepared, it just happens. Even experienced players have had this occur at one time or another.

Sometimes, it merely means cleaning up. Or hopping in a quick shower. Or shifting to a different type of intimacy. For some, it means calling it a wrap and trying again another time. Just talk to your partner and discuss what’s best for both of you in that moment.

Keep calm, move forward, NBD.

In summary:
  1. Hygiene: Clean the Poop Shoot!
  2. Prepare your Play Space: Chuck a Chuck
  3. Gloves: Your Foreplay-Friendly Assistants
  4. P-Spot-Yes, Please!
  5. Take It Easy: lube. Lube. LUBE. Go slow!
  6. Ut Oh!: Shit Happens. Don’t sweat it.

I would love to hear your tips for anal play!

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