FetCon 2022: I Had A Blast!

Hello Kinksters, I’ve been trying to get to FetishCon for years. But, life has had different plans. So, I get to see and experience it vicariously through my many friends who attend, teach and present at this incredible show. I was slated to teach, then the pandemic derailed all our lives. This year was the show’s 20th anniversary and we’re fortunate that Princess Kira agreed to share her 3-day FetCon 2022 experience with us as a guest post on Kinkology Blog. Warm Regards, Mistress Kye

by Princess Kira

This year, the 20th annual FetishCon took place in beautiful and sunny St. Petersburg Florida at the Hilton Bayfront hotel August 11th-14th.

Being late summer it was dreadfully hot and humid, I was sweating the whole time. Luckily the convention allowed ladies to strip all the way down to panties and pasties, which I obliged to do!

On Thursday the eleventh I made my way to St. Pete to pick up my FetCon badge and pool pass. The hotel lobby was sectioned off with opaque black curtains, one reading “ENTRANCE” and one “EXIT.” The small space that was left upon entering the Hilton Bayfront consisted of several check in tables, a short roped off line, and some hotel seating.

The makeshift lobby was muggy and hot due to the automatic double doors opening and closing constantly, I was sweating not only due to the temperature but my eagerness to get into the event.

Despite the line being reasonably short it took a little over half an hour to receive my convention badge because all attendees must confirm their identity with photo ID and sign paperwork before being granted access to the event. Consent forms are required so that all FetishCon attendees understand they have the potential to be photographed and filmed while at the event.

Knowing that everyone there was verified via ID gave a feeling of safety and reassurance for me. Practicing safe procedures is very important to me when attending events like FetCon.

Once past the black curtains and inside the convention I was overwhelmed with the level of excitement and noise. People were mingling everywhere, some dressed casually in their street clothes while others donned their best fetish gear and lingerie. The Hilton Bayfront hotel lobby was abuzz with FetCon attendees, every lounge area and plush chair full. This was the opening night party.

A big celebration to kick off the convention ensued, with a cake cutting ceremony and complimentary champagne toast. I opted for a harder drink from the Dali Bar located inside the hotel lobby, sipping a Sprite with white rum as I reconnected and caught up with old friends.

One of the best parts of these events is being able to see online friends in person. I couldn’t party too hard the first night of the convention though—my hotel check in wasn’t until the next day on Friday and I was scheduled to make an appearance at the Clips4Sale booth.

On Friday it was time for me to meet my fans!

My heart was racing as I put on my lingerie and did my makeup.

Believe it or not I have social anxiety and it takes me a lot of courage to attend adult conventions. Overcoming my fears and connecting with my longtime fans and supporters is always worth it in the end, though.

There is something so special about making that face to face connection, about being able to embrace my fans in a hug and see them light up.

I even put my fears aside enough to get up on the Clips4Sale stage and do a short interview with iconic Dominatrix Jean Bardot!

After spending time with my fans, creating some new ones and mingling with other fetish models I headed back to my hotel to rest up before Friday night’s parties.

FetCon was absolutely packed with fun parties and events.

Every single night a different party was going on!

This was one of the reasons I opted to stay at a nearby hotel within walking distance rather than reserving a room at the host hotel. While staying at the Hilton Bayfront would have been convenient, staying at the host hotel with its late night parties, crowded quarters, and slow wifi didn’t sound ideal to me.

Before hitting the Friday night Pervy Pool Party I headed to the Dungeon After Dark, an on site dungeon space reserved for All Access Pass holders. I ended up visiting the dungeon space every single night of the convention. The dungeon came equipped with several different kinds of BDSM furniture from spanking benches, X-crosses, and Shibari suspension rigs.

Play areas were roped off to avoid anyone getting too close to your scene, sanitizing wipes were provided, and the space was staffed with kink friendly security.

Each night I got my ass spanked and paddled in front of a bunch of strangers!

It was incredibly exhilarating to get spanked in front of so many people. One of the best parts of attending an event like FetishCon are the one of a kind experiences you can have—like getting your ass beat in front of strangers! Swimming in the pervy pool in just my bikini bottoms and pasties was another unique experience—when else would you be allowed to swim in a Hilton hotel pool with no top on?!

These experiences are another reason I make it a point to attend these events.

After my spanking it was time to hit up the Pervy Pool Party, which also took place every single night of FetishCon!

It was a nonstop party and there was never a dull moment, even when the DJ showed up late. The sparkling Hilton Bayfront hotel pool was lit up and filled with Bad Dragon beach balls and adorable inflatables—balloon fetish, anyone?

By 10pm the celebration was in full swing and all kinds of people could be seen hanging around the pool—latex and latex couples, medical fetishists, Dom/sub pairs and more. Bad Dragon was even giving out free nipple pasties and light up sunglasses at the DJ booth!

I had felt so much anxiety throughout the day but finally it was melting away as I stepped into the clear blue pool topless.

Drinks flowed and so did the conversation as the night went on. I met so many fun new people and spent quality time with friends. Everyone I talked to was so kind, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a friendlier and more welcoming group of people. It was refreshing to feel at ease, to feel like I was with my people.

Saturday was a day full of filming for me.

With adult conventions bringing together so many models in one place, it’s the perfect opportunity for talent to collaborate with one another. If you’re a member of the adult industry and interested in working with others, consider planning a trip to an adult convention near you!

Since I spent the whole day creating videos with others, I was unable to make it to FetishCon until after the expo rooms were shut down but I was still able to enjoy the Dungeon After Dark and the Pervy Pool Party since they took place each night of the convention.

Sunday—the closing day of FetishCon—I was back at the Clips4Sale stage to interact with my fans!

If you dream of meeting your favorite fetish performers, check to see if they’ll be attending FetCon 2023.

Once again I got up on stage, this time with my partner! We played out a scene with another Domme for all of the FetCon attendees to enjoy. Being invited to the Clips4Sale stage was intimidating for me because I have awful stage fright!

But it was an amazing opportunity for me to overcome this fear in an environment free of judgement.

After my appearance I grabbed all the free swag I could!

I recommend doing this as soon as you get to any convention and not at the very end like I did. Free items have limited quantities, so you aren’t guaranteed to bank any freebies unless you’re quick to claim them. Luckily I still made out pretty good.

Then it was onto the vendors!

Again, I recommend checking out the vendors first thing! You never know what one of a kind items may be for sale.

FetishCon was absolutely packed with quality fetish gear—handmade leather, latex, PVC, wooden and silicone toys, and more! Not only that, there were vendors offering many hard to find items such as sex swings and BDSM furniture. One vendor that I made a purchase from was an insanely adorable adult “Build-A-Bear” style booth. I made a stuffed llama and got a pink BDSM collar for her, too!

Sunday night the FetishCon Awards and after party were held.

The closing night of the event.

It was quieter than I had anticipated. Everyone must have been all partied out after three days of nonstop fun. I know I was! The con drop was already setting in, my sadness about having to leave creeping up.

Since I could tell the celebrations were coming to a close and enthusiasm was low due to everyone’s exhaustion I kissed FetishCon goodbye til next year, saying farewell to all of my new and old friends before starting back to my hotel to finish the fun on my own terms.

I looked through my phone’s photo gallery back in my room, my face lit up with the memories of the weekend. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to do it all again. It’s barely been a month since the event and I’m already dreaming about next year

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